Presentation of the report “Mapping of local and grassroots and CSOs in Kosovo”

Kosovo Stability Initiative (IKS), Lens, and Firedrich Ebert Stiftung held a workshop to present the report “Mapping of Local and Community Based CSOs”.

The purpose of this workshop was to present the results of a research aimed at providing an overall analysis of local and community-based CSOs and identifying their needs and priorities in support of their advocacy efforts and policy engagement.

The report raises a number of issues, which mainly relate to organizational capacities of CSOs, financial and institutional sustainability, CSOs links to the community, mobilization of volunteers, etc. The results of this report will be used to design support and technical assistance to local and community-based CSOs as the main target group of GRAS, which will be provided during project implementation through financial support and capacity building program.

The workshop gathered a number of CSOs, representatives of international organizations, representatives of public institutions, and media.