Kosova Live

The purpose of the project is to create a longstanding cooperation between women assembly representatives in local governments and women journalists around Kosovo, and especially citizen journalists from the GlobalGirl Media Kosova bureau.

Project Activities:

  • Design Thinking Workshop with (40 participating current and prospective assembly members)
  • Conference and Networking event for Launch of Cooperation
  • Database Creation for assembly women and journalists
  • Creation of a video-story with 3 members of the GGM Kosovo bureau
  • Creation of a retrospective photo-article from 2 members of the GGM bureau.


  • Prepared prospective and current assembly members to identify and solve problems through training in the design thinking methodology
  • Hosted a conference and networking event, with women assembly members and journalists.
  • Increased content relating to women successes in the country through an article to be published online and distributed through social media to hundreds of thousands and reaching millions.
  • Added to the body of knowledge about women’s issues in Kosovo, through a video produced by GlobalGirl Media Kosova citizen journalists.
  • Supported young women journalists
  • Improved the ability of young women to seek transparency and accountability from local governments.
  • Installed a sense of duty among young women to demand evidence of success for local interventions.


Varg e vi group

The purpose of this project is the promotion of cultural heritage and social life in Gjilan/Gnjilane, through contemporary art and creation of an audio documentary, which will be played through wireless headphones for the audience during their walk across the city.

Project Activities:

  • Purchase of necessary equipments.
  • Recording of the audio documentary
  • Performance


  • Realization of the “G-Performance”.

Varg e Vi GRAS Project Factsheet

Center for Social Affirmation of Youth

The purpose of this project is raising awareness on the importance of culture and making a positive change between direct beneficiaries on this project.

Project Activities:

  • Introductory workshops.
  • Theater workshops.
  • Performance.
  • Dissemination of good practices.
  • Evaluation of the project.


The youth acting section that will start working on this project will continue to work and exists as part of the Youth Council and the Cultural Center in Ranillug/Ranilug.

CSAY GRAS Project Factsheet

Network of Peace Movement Kamenica

The purpose of this project is to amend, harmonize and adapt municipal regulations to existing legislation and in compliance with EU standards, requirements and best practices, promote their adoption in the municipal assembly and advocate for their implementation.

Project Activities:

  • Organization of a workshop on public participation in decision-making and engagement in policy making with municipal officials, members of municipal assemblies and civil society.
  • Establishment of 3 (three) working groups for the municipality of Kamenicë/Kamenica for amending municipal regulations.
  •  Organization of 3 (three) first meetings of working groups on municipal regulations.
  •  Organization of 3 (three) public debates / consultations with citizens (CSOs, media and interest groups).
  •  Advocating with municipal officials (executive and legislature) for approval of municipal regulations.
  •  Establishment of a working group and drafting a working plan for the Municipal Assembly for 2019.


  • Civil society and citizens’ awareness on effective participation in decision-making processes is increased.
  • Municipal regulations and work plan of the municipal assembly are drafted, harmonized and approved by the municipal assembly according to the legislation in force in the interaction of civil society and municipal officials.
  • Advocacy activities in public consultations and dialogue between citizens / civil society and municipal authorities are increased

NOPM GRAS Project Factsheet


The purpose of this project is raising awareness of citizens of Kamenicë/Kamenica members of all communities, through active approach to decision-making processes in local government. Assessing the citizens’ need for adequate information and the lack of willingness of the municipality of Kamenicë/Kamenica to invite citizens to participate in municipal assembly sessions, the project aims to involve the citizens by providing information through a monitoring report, raising them capacities for access to official information and debates, in order to increase citizen awareness involving all communities living in Kamenicë/Kamenica. Additionally strengthening the discussions between key local actors, the project aims to organize roundtables with the involvement of CSOs, local media and parliamentary group leaders to see what are the demands of citizens towards addressing that are being undertaken within the sessions of the assembly as well as discussions on where the problem of citizen participation in decision-making is, with 55% male and 45% female involvement

Project Activities:

  • Selection of the monitors, who will monitor the work and engagement – the performance of the municipal councillors, including the two obligatory committees of the KPF and the Communities Committee, will do the monitoring of the municipal assembly.
  • Organize one-day training for Municipal Assembly Advisors who will be trained on their role and duties and will be familiarized with the legal framework and assembly regulations.
  • Organization of the second training with KPF members, and community committee members who will be trained on their legal infrastructure, their role and duties in decision-making.
  • Organize the first debate on raising citizens’ awareness and taking part in the Municipal Assembly Sessions.
  • Organize the second debate on transparency in public administration as well as review of citizens’ requests by the executive.
  • Interviewing 100 citizens throughout the Kamenicë/Kamenica municipality will serve as a tool to support local authorities and set up mechanisms to help citizens get better services from public administration.
  • After obtaining information from the survey with the citizens of Kamenicë/Kamenica and surrounding, 300 copies of the reports will be printed and distributed to the municipal authorities and citizens and will be published on the official website of the municipality and the organization.
  • The organization of a round table on the findings of the Survey and citizen satisfaction on municipal public services will be held in cooperation with the mayor and deputy mayor, directors of municipal directorates of citizens, civil society organizations and local media.


  • Reporting with findings from ongoing monitoring of Assembly sessions.
    Municipal officials trained for legal infrastructure, their role and duties in decision-making processes.
  • Municipal officials, representatives of CSOs, local media and active citizens with new information on the lack of access of citizens to decision-making processes and transparency in local governance.
  • Citizens of Kamenica Municipality and rural areas interviewed for obtaining information on issues related to the quality of services at the municipal level.
  • The release of the report with the data provided by the citizens of Kamenicë/ Kamenica with a focus on citizens’ access to decision-making and transparency at the municipal level.
  • Municipal officials, citizens, civil society organizations and local media informed by citizen survey data on citizens’ access to decision-making processes and transparency at municipal level.

Dardana Press GRAS Project Factsheet

Let’s Do It Peja – LDIP

The project aims to address the opinions, concerns and perceptions of citizens on waste management Peja/Pec Municipality

Project Activities:

  • Interviewing municipal representatives to identify the needs and challenges of the waste sector in the municipality of Peja/Pec.
  • Interviewing citizens who will express their opinion and perception about the system and quality of waste collection and cleaning in the Municipality of Peja/Pec.
  • Processing and analyzing findings in the database.
  • Drafting the Research Report with the findings, recommendations and perception of citizens on the quality of waste management.
  • Organize the Round table with representatives of NGOs, experts, local media and citizens to discuss findings, recommendations and listening to the public from their point of view.
  • Presenting the Study Report to the Municipal Assembly to present the findings and recommendations identified during the research.
  • Organize a media briefing with a view to publishing the report and project achievements to inform the general public about the findings, recommendations and conclusions drawn from the study and proposed actions to be undertaken by municipal authorities and citizens.


  • The final product of the project is the policy document that contains information on the waste sector, the results of the study and the addressed recommendations of the citizens.
  • The policy document submitted to the members of the Municipal Assembly, the Mayor, the Municipal Directorate for Public Services and the Public Waste Management Company responsible for waste collection and management

LDIP GRAS Project Factsheet

7 Arte

The overall objective of this project is to enable and involve citizens and the civil society in Mitrovica to partake on, and engage directly in the policy-making processes, and at the same time promote local institution transparency with a focus on culture.

Project Activities:

  • Launching of the project.
  • Meetings with project stakeholders.
  • Questionnaire process.
  • Interviews.
  • Focus Groups.
  • Monitoring of Local Institutions.
  • Promotion of the project.
  • Publication Report of the data analysis.
  • Conference.
  • Evaluation and reporting of the project.


  • More than 400 citizens and CSO representatives of Mitrovicë/ Mitrovica directly engaged in policy-making, with a focus on culture.
  • A Digital Tangible Cultural Heritage Mapping established.
  • A Publication Report analysis on Cultural Heritage in Mitrovicë/ Mitrovica published

7 Arte- GRAS Project Factsheet

Iniciativa Qytetare Skenderaj

The purpose of this project is increasing the transparency of local institutions on spending and reporting of public finances.

Project Activities:

  • Addressing recommendations arising from the monitoring process.
  • Communications and conferences
  • Access to public documents
  • Public Debates
  • Public Report


  • Increased transparency and accountability
  • Improved public finance management
  • Factual expenditures of budget lines
  • Open and responsible municipality towards citizens’ requests

IQS GRAS Project Factsheet

Qendra Kosovare për Vetë-përkrahje

The purpose of the project is increasing the level of participation and building of official bridges between the associations of people with disabilities and local institutions, through establishment of Consultative Committees on Disability. (Supporting the implementation of the Administrative Order (Ministry of Local Government Administration) Nr. 01/2016 – On the procedure of establishment, organization and competences of the consultative committees in municipalities.

Project Activities:

  • Organization of meetings with the mayor of Skenderaj/Srbica and the president of the assembly in of Skenderaj/Srbica municipality;
  • Organization of trainings for the members of consultative committee;
  • Workshop on designing the annual plan for the consultative committee on disability.
  • Presentation of the annual work plan of the Consultative Committee in Skenderaj/Srbica –e Round Table;
  • Monitoring of meetings of consultative committees;
  • Establishment of a self-help group (SHG)
  • Establishment of 1 self-help group with people with disabilities in Skenderaj/Srbica;
  • Organization of monthly meetings between the self-help group and consultative committee.


  • Improvement of communication between PwD and local institutions through official channels;
  • Organizations of people with disabilities become more active in law implementation and administrative instructions related to disability, respectively the Administrative Instruction on establishment of
  • Consultative Committees No. 01/2016 of the MLGA;
  • Increased level of discussion of topics regarding the needs and problems related to disability in Skenderaj/Srbica municipality;
  • Increased level of participation of citizens in the life and governance of their organizations respectively in the overall municipal Dynamics either in quantitative or qualitative aspect.

QKVP GRAS Project Factsheet

Keep It Green

The purpose of this project is to strengthen the rule of law by engaging local civil society in decision making process and informing local citizens about their rights guaranteed by Law of Obiliq/Obilic, and engaging the local CSOs in a round table with the implementing party of the law.

Project Activities:

  • Info sessions informing the citizens about their rights guaranteed by Law of Obiliq/Obilic.
  • A round table with the implementing party of the law, and local CSOs of Obiliq/Obilic.
  • Three videos to inform visually the details about the law of Obiliq/Obilic.


The community is well informed about their own rights guaranteed by law on Obiliq/Obilic.

Keep It Green GRAS Project Factsheet

Action for Democratic Society (ADS)

The overall objective of this project is strengthening and increasing the numbers of youth in most public decision-making processes in Kosovo. The project will contribute to enhancing civic activism and the youth engagement in the respective communities as one of the key preconditions for the development of a democratic society, in order to improve the quality of life of youth and their social status.

Project Activities:

  • Preparation of curricula and relevant materials of lectures of secondary schools students in the municipalities of Fushë Kosova/Kosovo Polje, Obiliq/Obilic, and Podujeva/Podujevo;
  • Lectures conducted in the secondary schools in Fushë Kosova/Kosovo Polje, Obiliq/Obilic, and Podujeva/Podujevo;
  • Ongoing monitoring of activities of the Department for Youth within the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Municipal Directorates for Youth in the targeted municipalities, Central Youth Action Council, Local Youth Action Councils, and Youth Centres in the municipalities Fushë Kosova/Kosovo Polje, Obiliq/Obilic, and Podujeva/Podujevo;
  • Drafting the guideline serving as the foundation document for elaborating the importance and potential of Kosovo’s youth to participate in the public decision-making processes and voluntary work;
  • Final conference of the project and launching of the guideline;
  • Project visibility and media campaign.


  • Six (6) lectures conducted with youth in order to inform them of the rights deriving by the Law No. 03/L-145 on Empowerment and Participation of Youth;
  • Number of participants attending the lectures;
  • Number of publications posted in social networks with the aim to inform youth with the rights deriving by the respective law;
  • Drafting and delivering the brochures to the youth;
  • Publishing and handing out the guideline;
  • One (1) conference Participation of stakeholders in the final conference;
  • Media coverage of the conference

ADS GRAS Project Factsheet


The purpose of this project is empowering and increasing the number of youth in the local decision-making process by creating spaces for participation and enhancing cooperation with municipal representatives and other relevant stakeholders in the community.

Project Activities:

  • Monitoring the regular sessions of the Municipal Assembly;
  • Monitoring public debates, meetings and hearings;
  • Monitoring of meetings of the Committee for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport;
  • Analysis on the implementation of laws and regulations as well as reports of public money expenditures;
  • Monitoring of the official website of the Municipality of Klinë/Klina;
  • 4 Lectures on “Promoting Active and Inclusive Communities in the Municipality of Klinë/Klina in 4 Public Schools – (Gymnasium” Luigj Gurakuqi, Shmt “Fehmi Agani” Shfmu “Ismet Rraci” and Shfmu”Motrat Qiriazi ‘ ‘in Klinë/Klina);
  • 4 Lectures on “Promoting Active and Inclusive Communities in the Municipality of Klinë/Klina 5 Public Schools in 4 Local Communities in the Municipality of Klinë/Klina;
  • 2 Community-Based Lectures on “Promoting Active and Inclusive
  • Communities” with young people from the Roma, Ashkali and Egyptian communities, in locations with the largest percentage of RAE youth in the municipality of Klinë/Klina.
  • 2 Debates on the Local Radio “Alba” will be realized with the aim of promoting the project and activities of the Municipality of Klinë/Klina that ensure the participation of young people in decision-making;
    4 radio announcements in Radio Alba and 2 Radio Publicities will be broadcast in order to inform young people of important dates and meetings and directly affect the increase of participation in decision-making;
  • 5 “Open Day” events aimed at enhancing cooperation between the youth and representatives of the executive and legislative bodies of the municipality of Klinë/Klina, civil society and other formal / informal groups operating in the municipality of Klinë/Klina;
  • Monthly Meetings with youth and Municipal Officials within the Project to Advocate for Public Policies for Young People and Growth
  • 1 training with young people aimed at raising the capacities of young people in drafting requests for access to public documents, petitions and priorities for capital investments from the municipality of Klinë/Klina;
  • Sending at least 3 requests for access to public documents within one month, in cooperation with young people;
  • Research on identifying the knowledge and priorities of young people in 4 areas – 1. Health and Education;
  • Sending at least 5 investment priorities from the Municipality of Klinë/Klina arising from training and field research;
  • Conference on the publication of the final report – findings and recommendations.


  • Increased youth participation in meetings, public hearings by making announcements on the radio, social networks, and through direct communication with their selected representatives ;
  • Acquired knowledge of active citizenship and decision making process, through lectures in schools and in the community, debates and announcements on radio and social networks;
  • Better public policies through direct communication with their selected representatives electives and direct citizen engagement through counselling and training;
  • Final report as a model of joint efforts, local government-youth, for achieving fair policies and representatives for all citizens indiscriminately;

KOHA GRAS Project Factsheet

NGO “ Patients’ Rights Association in Kosovo”

This project aims to involve citizens and patients in increasing accountability and social justice by measuring their satisfaction with health services in Primary Health Care of Prizren/Prizren Municipality.

Project Activities:

• Administration of the questionnaire and sample assignment,
• Scheduling calendar plan
• Team training that will collect field data;
• Data collection from the ground and processing them to SPSS;
• Analysis and interpretation of results;
• Results publication;


The outcomes will be sent as recommendations to municipal institutions in order to address the needs and demands of patients


PRAK GRAS Project Factsheet

Qendra për Përkrahje të Personave me Aftësi të Kufizuara Mentale – Qendra për Jetë të Pavarur (QJP)

This project aims the improvement of the social position of the people with mental disabilities in the municipality of Peja/Peć, through improving the information, awareness and addressing their needs at the local institutions.

Project Activities:

  • Visits to the families of persons with mental disabilities.
    4 meetings with the community.
  • Presentation of Findings from Activity 1 and 2 to the Municipal Assembly in Peja
  • Raising the awareness of young people in combating discrimination and reaching social equality.
  • Organizing 1 radio program with Radio Peja “Social justice and persons with mental disabilities in the municipality of Peja/Peć “
  • Organizing 1 awareness campaign on the importance of social justice, especially for people with disabilities.


  • 30 families of persons with mental disabilities will be informed about the legislation in force and their social rights
  • Findings on disability protocols, in general, and the consequences of discrimination and social exclusion or non-inclusion of many categories of disadvantaged people from existing legislation, thus aiming to provide information about rights that can and should be exploited.
  • Transmitting and eventually resolving the demands, problems and needs that this community has as an equal part of the society at the Municipal Assembly.
  • 250 pupils of 5 schools, 2 in the city and 3 in the villages will be informed about the importance of social justice and the importance of active participation
  • Realization of a radio program in order to present the work of the project, but it is more important to present to the listeners the importance of the inclusion of persons with disabilities in all spheres of life of the municipality of Peja/Peć.
  • Conducting a campaign aimed at raising awareness and awareness of citizens regarding the rights of mentally disabled people.

QJP Project Factsheet

Svet Andjela

The overall objective of this project is to enhance capacities of persons with disabilities in northern part of Kosovo for better governance in the domain of protecting and promoting the rights of persons with disabilities in line with the EU values and recommendations.

Project Activities:

  • Initial meetings with project beneficiaries.
  • Presentation of Disability Info web portal and smart phone applications
  • Presentation of Disability Action Planning and active participation of persons with disabilities in the local development processes
  • Meetings and coordination with local authorities and other stakeholders in the disability field at local level in 4 municipalities in north Kosovo.


  • Raised capacities of local population of PwD and encouraged target group for active participation in local community.
  • Local population in the north of Kosovo interdicted with EU recommendations in the sphere of human rights with special emphasis on rights of PwD.

 Svet Andjela GRAS Project Factsheet

Youth Center Avoko Dragash/ Dragaš

The goal of this project is the inclusion of young people of Dragash/Dragaš Municipality in decision-making processes at the local level.

Project Activities:

  • Research on the knowledge of young people about civic participation in politics and the functioning of local government. The results will serve as a basis for the preparation of the lecture package on the importance of citizen participation in local politics.
  • Organizing lectures for young people on the functioning of local government, the possibilities of engagement in politics and the importance of active citizenship. At least 20 young people from the three Gorani, Bosniak and Albanian communities will benefit from these lectures. A brief manual with basic information will be prepared.
  • Establish a group of young people from three communities who will advocate with the Municipality to address their needs in municipal policies with an emphasis on the creation of a youth budget sub-code.
  • Involving young people in budget planning and creating a youth budget sub-code.
  • 1 promotional video with messages from young people about their rights and the importance of inclusion in politics will be created by young people and promoted through social media.


  • Capacity building of youth about policy-making process in the municipality;
  • Creation of a group that will advocate with the Municipality to address their needs
  • Creation of a municipal budget sub-code for youth

 Avoko GRAS Project Factsheet


The goal of the project is increasing the role of citizens and civil society organizations in the municipalities of Vushtrri, Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje, Podujeva for environmental protection at the local level.

Project Activities:

• Monitoring;
• Social audits;
• Info graphics;
• Op-ed;
• Meetings;
• Outreach and visibility


• One report drafted and designed and made accessible for public;
• Up to 100 citizens participate in social audit;
• Up to 3 info graphics designed and shared;
• Up to 75 citizens participate in public debates;
• 1 op-ed drafted and published online;
• 3 organized meeting with Municipality Mayors;
• 50,000 citizen’s informed through social media;

Ekovizioni Project Factsheet

Democracy Plus

The goal of this project is to activate young people to engage institutions on public services

Project Activities:

  • Training young people to utilize for public response;
  • First meeting of Civic Forum (in each municipality) to identify strategy for engaging municipal institution on reports on;
    Build Facebook pages of each Civic Forum where young members would pressure elected officials to react to citizen reports;
  • Second meeting of Civic Forum (in each municipality) to adjust strategy for engaging municipal institution on reports on;
  • Town hall meeting with elected officials (in each municipality) to discuss public service improvement and better usage of for this purpose.


  • Increased citizen reporting on (in three municipalities) by 25%;
  • Increased municipal reaction to citizen reports (in three municipalities) by 40%;
  • Increased municipal consultation of young people in the targeted municipalities.

D+ GRAS Project Factsheet

Rrjeti I OJQ-ve, “ Demokracia Fillon Këtu-DFK”

The project aims to contribute to strengthening good local governance in the Municipality of Podujevë/Podujevo, through civic engagement and activism, for participation in decision-making in the municipality of Podujevë/Podujevo, in order to advance local level democracy.

Project Activities:

• Implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Municipality of Podujevë/Podujevo and the Network “Demokracia Fillon Këtu-DFK”
• Regular monitoring of the work of the Municipal Assembly and the Executive body
• Informing citizens about the importance of participating in public hearings
• Airing two shows on local TV
• Designing, printing and distributing informative leaflets
• Organizing roundtables
• Organizing public debates
• Publication of findings from monitoring and issuing recommendations for relevant bodies


• Implementation of one (1) Memorandum of Understanding between the municipalities of Podujevë/Podujevo and the Network of NGOS “Democracy Starts Here”
• Two programs in local radios to promote the legal dispositions on civic participation
• A brochure on public consultations
• 3 Round table with municipality officials
• 4 Public debates on budget allocation and citizens’ needs prioritisation
• Monitoring reports on the current situation/progress of municipality institutions on bridging the gap between them

DFK-GRAS Project Factsheet

NGO Civil Development Organization

The project “Youth and socio-economic rights” aims at increasing the participation of young people in active employment programs.

Project Activities:

  • The opening ceremony of the project “Youth and socio-economic rights”
    Organizing meetings / presentations / lectures to youth in cooperation with the Employment Office
  • Orientation of young people; how to use of measures and programs for employment.
  • Distribution of promotional and informational materials in print and video on social media measures and employment programs to young people.
  • Preparation of the research on the capacities of the relevant institutions of the Sector Strategy at the local level, towards the realization of the action plan, objective 1.
  • Organization of Karl Popper format debates in 6 schools in Mitrovica, with topics on socio-economic rights.
  • Organizing a roundtable with relevant stakeholders for monitoring relevant institutions at the local level as part of the Sectorial Strategy 2018-2022, namely “Action Plan, Strategic Objective 1: Increasing Employment, Developing Skills in accordance with Labor Market Demands and better management of the labor market “.


  • The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the three parties. The beginning of the project. The media release. 30 participants, representatives of civil society, pubic and private participate in the opening ceremony.
  • 300 young people are aware of the measures and programs that the Employment Office and the Vocational Training Center offer (Work Practice, Job Training, Paying Subsidies, Public Works, Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion, and Vocational Training).
  • 8% of the 300 project beneficiaries will be involved in different employment measures and programs (Workplace Practice, Job Training, Paying Subsidies, Public Affairs, Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship Promotion, and Vocational Training).
  • 300 printed materials will be distributed to young people, as well as custom video on social media will reach a visibility of 2500 people in the city of Mitrovica and more broadly, according to data from the CDO website at fb.
  • Publication of research on the capacities of the relevant institutions of the Sector Strategy at the local level.
  • Engaging 36 young people Certified Youth in the Karl Popper format debate, developing the sense of volunteering, developing critical thinking, arguing, 180 young people get knowledge on socio-economic rights.
  • Representatives from relevant public institutions, private and civil, 40 people discuss at the round table and come up with concrete recommendations for the proper implementation of the Action Plan, Objective 1 within the Sector Strategy 2018-2022

CDO GRAS Project Factsheet

NVO: Humani Center Mitrovica

The goal of this project is environment protection through monitoring of the legal framework on environment in the municipality of Drenas/ Glogovac, assessment of its implementation and creation of the online platform “Drenasi Flet” that will serve to address the concerns and complaints of the community in Drenas/ Glogovac.

Project Activities:

  • Secondary search for environmental records and documents
  • Primary research on environmental data and documents
  • Desk research and analysis of environmental documentation
  • Evaluating and verifying data on the implementation of the Plans.
  • Drafting the final report on the monitoring process and making recommendations.
  • Presentation of the Final Report at the Roundtable.
  • Creating of the online platform “Drenasi-Flet”
  • Promotion of the “Drenasi-Flet” platform and raising awareness of administrators about their influence on public decision-making
  • Publication of infographics for monitoring findings
  • Preparation for the roundtable for the presentation of the final monitoring report
  • Online publication of the final report in “Drenasi-Flet”.


• Raising awareness of Drenas/ Glogovac citizens on the situation of environment protection through the monitoring report on the implementation of municipal environmental plans, and
• Submission of citizens’ complaints/concerns through the online platform “Drenasi-Flet” (webpage and Facebook).

HCM GRAS Project Factsheet

Center for Environment and Alternative Energy

The goal of this project is the mobilization of the broader community for active participation in decision making; Building capacities and straightening connection between of CSOs and MA representatives and minorities through trainings for participation of citizen in decision making.

Project Activities:

• Selection of participants for Inter-Municipal Working Group
• Capacity building training
• Meetings with municipal officials
• Meeting of Inter-Municipal Working Group
• Policy Proposal development
• Street action for signature collection
• Delivery of Initiative
• Closing conference


  • Citizens are mobilized through the active contact with participants of the working group and launching civic initiatives in accordance with their own priorities.
  • Capacities of CSOs built through the sets of trainings and established cooperation with MA representatives for establishing working groups composed by SCOs MA representatives, minorities, Private Sector, women led organizations and interested citizens at the joint trainings.
  • Representatives of the local decision makers built their capacities through the regular meetings with CSO s and joint training with CSOs in the sense of enabling citizens to participate in decision making and actively participate in the work of the working group for selection of citizens’ priorities and lunching civic initiatives.
  • Inter-Municipal Working Group composed by interested citizens, CSOs MA representatives, minorities, Private Sector, women led organizations established.
  • Civic Initiatives launched, with the accordance with priorities of citizens, signatures collected and proposals of initiatives submitted to respective
  • Municipal Assemblies for approval.

 CAEA GRAS Project Factsheet


Empowerment of youngsters aged 14 to 18, with particular emphasis on young girls in rural areas of municipalities of Suharekë and Rahovec, through awareness raising in preventing early marriages and raising awareness of the importance of education.

Project Activities:

  • Identifying the causes of early marriage in seven regions of Kosovo (Pristina, Mitrovica, Peja, Prizren, Ferizaj, Gjilan, Gjakova), in a period of 3 months
  • Capacity Building of 50 young people coming from municipality of Suhareka and Rahovec through training sessions.
  • Raising awareness and inform the community of Suhareka and Rahovec regarding the phenomenon of early marriages and giving priority to education.


  • 1500 youngsters, 900 parents, 100 social workers, doctors, psychologists; 100 teachers from 7 regions of Kosovo have been involved in the research conducted regarding early marriages in a period of three months
  • 50 youngsters from five municipalities aware of Human Rights; Democracy and Decision Making; and Youth Activism in a period of two months
  • 2 groups of change-makers, municipal officers, high schools, centers for social work, religious community, media and local NGOs engage in raising awareness and informing the community regarding early marriages in a period of eight months

Fact sheet_TROJA

Mus-e Kosova

The aim of this project is to promote the cultural heritage among primary school children, more specifically the autochthonous Kosovo spiritual instrument Okarina through workshops with children, as well as the evocation of Kosovo institutions – the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology for introducing Okarina into the school textbooks music.

Project Activities:

  • • Promotion of musical heritage in Kosovo to the children of the 3 primary schools in Kosovo (Fushe Kosove, Gjakova and Mitrovice) through workshops for the construction of the Okarina spiritual instrument.
    • Promoting creativity and collaboration among elementary school children in Kosovo by learning to sing different songs with the Okarina spiritual instrument.
    • Capacity building of the teachers of the 3 primary schools for use of Okarin in the schools.
    • Advocacy to Kosovo institutions – Ministry of Education, Science and Technology for introducing Okarin to textbooks.


  • Up to 700 children from 3 elementary schools of grades 6-9 from Fushe Kosova/Kosovo Polje, Gjakova/Djakovica and Mitrovicë/a informed about the importance of cultural heritage.
  • Creativity of 700 students increased by learning from the workshops about Okarina’s preparation.
  •  700 students and about 30 teachers will benefit from singing songs with ocarina, where in the future will serve schools for musical activities.
  •  700 students will be aware of the importance of cultural heritage.
  • The Ministry of Education will take the initiative to introduce the Okarina instrument into school books.
  • Many children and other citizens will learn about the Okarina from promotional videos and prepared brochures

Fact sheet_MUSe Kosova

Centar za depolitizaciju

The purpose of the project is to form a group that will represent the interests of minority communities in the seven municipalities of Kosovo Maritime, which through training and practical work will be able to serve the community but also to assist local authorities in the planning, operation and interaction with citizens.

Project Activities:

  • . Formation of the Joint Minority Active Working Group (JMAWG) in the municipalities: (in Viti/Vitina, Kllokot/Klokot, Partesh/Parteš Pajan/Pasjane, Gjilan/Gnjilane, Novobërdë/Novo Brdo, Ranilug and Kamenicë/a).
  • Strengthening the capacity of all JMAWG members.
  • Organization of 6 community committee meetings in targeted municipalities with the topics initiated by JMAWG members.
  • One-month campaign conducted for increasing the citizens participation in municipal public meetings where citizens.
  • Active participation of JMAWG members during the municipal meetings on budgetary cycle for budget planned for the year 2020.
  • To advocate for increased number of women participation and for gender equality.   


  • Joint Minority Active Working Group (ZMARG/JMAWG) is established in all targeted municipalities. (In Viti/Vitina, Kllokot/Klokot, Partesh/Parteš Pajan/Pasjane, Gjilan/Gnjilane, Novobërdë/Novo Brdo, Ranilug and Kamenicë/a).
  • Acquired new knowledge in terms of the mechanisms that JMAWG can implement in promoting and advocating at municipal authorities in order to exercise the rights of minority communities.
  • 6 committee meetings held for communities in each of targeted municipalities with at least one topic initiated by members from JMAWG.
  • Increased citizen participation by 20% more than last year at public meetings of the municipality (i.e: mayor’s public meetings, discussions on budget circular and other public gatherings of municipal bodies).
  • Higher funds allocated in all budget categories (Capital Investments, Goods and Services, Subsidies, Salaries and Fees as well as Utility Costs) at least 10-15% more for minority communities and subsidies Civil Society Organization in the Budget for 2020.
  • Increased number of women’s participation in activities of the office on gender equality and higher wage for women, as well as increased interest of women in the work of municipal bodies as well as cooperation with the civil sector. Funds in the amount of 10% for the work of the gender equality office have been provided.

Fact sheet_Centar za depolitizaciju


The objective of the project is to preserve and promote traditions and customs related to tangible and intangible cultural heritage, promote and strengthen coexistence and connections, and create opportunities for additional income from cultural tourism.

Project Activities:

  • Scientific Symposium.
  • Traditional competitions.
  • Thematic Cultural Tours.


  • First ever conference on Cultural Heritage and Tourism will be held in Rahovec.
  • At least 10 experts on field of cultural heritage on two- day conference will present the current situation of cultural heritage in Kosovo and Rahovec/Orahovac Municipality.
  • Publication of findings from the conference are available for the entire public and institution regarding the recommendations for the development of Cultural Heritage and Touristic in national and Local Level.
  • 30 objects of cultural heritage presented at the Hardh Cultural Expo.
  • 300 visitors and passionates for cultural heritage presented at Exhibition.
  • Tours.

Fact sheet_Hardhfest

Autostrada Biennale

The goal of the project is to enhance awareness about cultural heritage / using it to serve in social, cultural and economic development.

Project Activities:

  • Re-functionalization of cultural heritage sites in the Prizren region
  • Strengthening the local community through cultural heritage
  • Creation of an alternative map for exhibition spaces in the Prizren region
  • Increasing investment in the re-functionalization of possible alternative spaces for contemporary art.


  • Encouragement of the general social debate on the importance of cultural heritage and Impact on improving the international image of the state of Kosovo through art and cultural heritage,
  • Raising the general social awareness of the importance of cultural heritage through contemporary art,
  • Provide the space needed to express the artistic talent of young artists,
  • Social mobilization for sensitive issues through cultural heritage,
  • Training and awareness raising of students and pupils on specific topics of cultural heritage,
  • Encouraging the debate on the importance of using facilities that have cultural heritage values as alternative spaces for the promotion of cultural heritage,
  • Involvement of different communities in all project activities,
  • Impact on the improvement and economic development of the city through cultural tourism.

Fact sheet_Autostrada Biennale

Environment Plus

The key goal of this project proposal is to raise awareness and inform citizens about exhaustion of the effective legal remedies and their encouragement to achieve their institutional rights.

Project Activities:

  • Legal awareness of citizens in their labour rights
  • Exploration of the way through which citizens will come to the realization and embodiment of their legal labour rights.
  • Basic court in Gjilan, with its branches is more effective in dealing with the labour related cases.


  • Citizens are aware of their legal rights
  • Basic court in Gjilan, with its branches is more effective in dealing with the labor related cases.
  • The trial time within which a labor rights case is resolved in Basic Court is shortened.

Fact sheet_Environment plus

Foundation 17

The goal of the project is to increase awareness on the importance of persevering, reviving and promoting culture and cultural heritage at local level.

Project Activities:

  • Identify a public space for the performance.
  • Permits from respective directorates in Prishtina municipality for use of public space for performance.
  • Call for participation.
  • Culture Workshop.
  • Finalizing ideas and mentoring.
  • Metamorphosis- Performance in public space.
  • Metamorphosis – short video.
  • Metamorphosis Talk.


  • One unused space/building is identified and revived for one day through the Metamorphosis public performance.
  • Capacities of 20 young men and women/young artists are built through a three-day culture workshop to promote culture and cultural heritage using artistic interventions in public spaces.
  • At least three artistic interventions are designed and presented by trained young men and women at Metamorphosis public performance.
  • One short video on Metamorphosis project is produced portraying the journey of young men and young women during the workshop and Metamorphosis performances.
  • Increased awareness of at least 5000 citizens, local stakeholders through discussions and social media campaign on the importance of persevering, reviving and promoting culture and cultural heritage at local level

Fact sheet_Foundation 17

OJQ Me dore ne zemer

The project aims to investigate and identify the concrete problems faced by private sector workers in the three targeted municipalities resulting from non-implementation of the labor law. The project also aims to identify the problems and challenges that private companies face in these municipalities.

Project Activities:

  • Research / Identification of Workers and Companies Problems (4 months).
  • Discussion and Review of Reports with Findings (1 month).
  • Labor Law Seminar (2 months).
  • Preparation of normative acts / MoU for each municipality (1 month).


  • The survey will select 20 companies in the three municipalities of Mitrovice / a, Vushtri / Vucitern and Skenderaj / Srbica and 120 interviewers and will identify the real situation in the area of implementation or non-implementation of labor law. In this case the report with the actual findings from the field will be produced.
  • The research report with the factual findings from the field will be discussed in three roundtables in the three target municipalities where project stakeholders will directly confront each other and discuss problems, challenges but also achievements in terms of implementing the labor law.
  • 120 workers and company leaders will become aware of and expand their knowledge of their duties and obligations under labor law. A group will be formed from these workers who will draft normative acts or MOUs to address the problems identified by field work.
  • Three normative acts or MOUs will be produced in the three target municipalities to address the problems identified in institutional instances.

Fact sheet_OJQ Me dore ne zemer

George Williams Youth Association in Kosovo (GWYA)

The project aim is promoting youth participation in decision-making processes through non-formal education activities.

Project Activities:

  • Young people and decision making.
  • Meetings at Municipal Assembly.
  • Engagement in community.


  • Training of 90 young people from the municipalities of Peja, Gjakove, Decan and Junik for participation in decision -making and active citizenship.
  • Participation of 90 young people at the public consultations on preparation of municipal budget.
  • Creation of six (6) small initiatives in community by volunteers which are part of the project.

Fact sheet_GWYAK


The project purpose i planning, organizing and implementing artistic-educational events and awareness-raising public debates focusing on film and music in the cultural heritage sites of Gjakova Municipality for the promotion of historical values.

Project Activities:

  • Musical Events: Four (4) events will be organized at the: Ethnographic Museum (1). Amphitheatre Mejtepe Ruzhdije (1), Tabhane (1) and Carshi te Madhe (1).
  • Film events.
  • Promotion of the cultural inheritance Events.
  • Promotion of Cultural Heritage in Social Networks.


  • Promotion of cultural heritage sites in the Municipality of Gjakova and their approach to the great mass of the community.
  • The revival of music of historical cultural value through events open to the public.
  • Raising awareness on inheritance and cultural values through open debates and educational film materials.
  • Assistance in building infrastructure, information (signs and small interventions), places of cultural heritage and handicrafts with historical cultural values, and consequently their greatest exposure to visitors.

Fact Sheet_DUArt

Qendra për Politika dhe Avokim

The project goal is to promote social dialogue between workers and employees as well as relevant public institutions in the harmonization of common needs for the protection of occupational safety and health as an important socio-economic issues.

Project Activities:

  • Information Sessions.
  • Joint employer-employee meetings.
  • Inter-sectoral joint meetings.
  • Conference.


  • Consolidated cooperation between employers and employees to improve working conditions from safety and health at work
  • Increased cooperation and communication between inspectorates and coordination of their inspection activities.
  • Recommendations from information sessions have been addressed to the Government by the National Council for Safety and Health at Work.

Fact sheet Qendra per politika dhe avokim

Ed Guard

The main objective of this project is to use art as a language to speak about current circumstances as a means of presenting the real state of these tragedies that have been taking place in recent years.

Project Activities:

  • Extensive field research (including: filming, photography and recording)
  • Selection of materials and treatment
  • Conceptualizing media and art performance
  • Finding and selecting exhibition spaces
  • Exhibition / public presentation (an exhibition involving objects borrowed from workplaces, the creation of sculptures from the lost limbs of the workers concerned, shown alongside the documentary).
  • Process Documentation / Archive Creation (Documents, Photographs)
  • Distribution of artistic material produced, through social media, television and print media
  • Creation of an online platform where project stories, videos and photos will be available online for future use as an archive.

Fact sheet EdGuard

Institute for Development of Social Policies

The project purpose is promoting information and awareness of beneficiaries on access rights to inclusive social services available locally and improved coordination between local institutions to provide inclusive quality social services.

Project Activities:

  • Identification of working group members, and coordination with municipalities
  • Organize six focus groups with the identified
  • Presentation of the project, identification of clients and services, discussion of the information sheet
  • Completing the information gathered and drafting, discussion with the donor
  • Design, finalize and suppress the information sheet
  • Six informative sessions with the community, presentation of the informant in the three selected municipalities
  • Beneficiaries of a well-informed project on the rights and types of services provided locally.


  • The categories of beneficiary clients will have access to information on comprehensive social services available locally.
  • The social services providers will be better informed on responsibilities of the local actors.
  • The coordination of the local actors will be improved on higher level.
  • Referral of beneficiaries from one actor to another will be easier.
  • Develop an informer with information about the type of client and the types of services available at the local level. Also, a brochure about the procedure for dealing with cases of domestic violence and the flow acceptance of services.

Fact sheet_IZHPS




The project aims to promote and to raise awareness about cultural heritage through the cultural expressions.

Project Activities:

  • Establish public dialogue among citizens and local authorities on the cultural heritage in the region of Peja;
  • To explore and practice art and creative tools as methods for promotion of cultural heritage;
  • Distribute the information, knowledge and raise awareness of the citizens about intangible and tangible cultural heritage, their importance on local and international level;
  • Create space for artists to further address the cultural heritage through the artistic expression;
  • To produce a booklet that will further promote the Cinema Jusuf Gervalla as a cultural heritage protected building;
  • Increase the cooperation between the public institutions and civic organizations on the protection of the cultural heritage.


  • As a result of the project, citizens of Peja will be further informed about the cultural heritage, one booklet will be produced to further ensure the sustainability of the project.
  • 2 video animations promoting cultural heritage will be produced, 20 young people from Kosovo will enhance their artistic skills during the workshops
  • 30 young people from the region of Peja will directly visit the cultural heritage sites in the region of Peja, Cinema Jusuf Gervalla will be promoted as a cultural heritage protected building through the media and booklet distribution, will be fotered a cooperation among local authorities and civic organizations.

Fact sheet_ANIBAR

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