Grant scheme

Financial support to grassroots CSOs will be organised through three calls for proposals. The main purpose of this financial support is to assist grassroots CSOs in carrying out their activities in influencing public decision making through their professional/technical inputs and monitoring of public institutions. The scheme will be designed to cover grassroots organisations engaged in diverse sectors and will be further clarified upon the finalization of the grassroots mapping and needs assessment exercise. In order to assist the applicants in preparing their applications, an e-tool is developed as part of the project. The purpose of the e-tool is to assist grassroots CSOs in preparing the proposals on one end, and to simplify the selection process and increase the transparency on the other end. Applicants will have two application alternatives: online applications through the e-tool, and by downloading necessary documentation through the website and then submitting them in hardcopy or electronically through the e-mail.