External expert for conducting a follow-up survey

GRAS project is funded by the European Commission through its programme for the Civil Society Facility for Western Balkans 2016-2017. It supports grassroots organizations to increase their role in the democratic environment through their monitoring and participation in policy development and decision-making processes. The project will offer financial and non-financial support when assisting grassroots CSOs in their efforts to better represent the interest of the communities in their respective environment. 

Objective of the assignment 

The aim of this activity is to conduct a follow-up survey to determine the impact of the EU funded project titled “GrassRoots Action Support-GRAS”, implemented by Kosovar Stability Initiative IKS, LENS and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Pristina Office. Follow up survey will be based, and will be considered as a continuation of the research done at the beginning of the project “Mapping of Local & Community based CSO`s”.

Further information regarding the project goals and outcomes will be included in the contract as Annex I (“the Project Document”).

More information can be found on the Term of Refences: LINK