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Capacity Building

Capacity building programme will be delivered in two ways: ┬áCapacity Building through Facilitation, which includes development of resources to build capacity of CSOs for lobbying, advocacy, research, policy dialogue and usage of available tools for this purpose; and facilitate the guidance and explanations for putting these resources into practice. Capacity building through coaching and mentoring…
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Grant scheme

Financial support to grassroots CSOs will be organised through three calls for proposals. The main purpose of this financial support is to assist grassroots CSOs in carrying out their activities in influencing public decision making through their professional/technical inputs and monitoring of public institutions. The scheme will be designed to cover grassroots organisations engaged in…
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Grassroots Mapping and Needs Assessment

Grassroots Mapping and needs assessment for other community based organizations is undertaken to clarify the grassroots definition applied in Kosovo, identify the grassroots CSOs needs, and establish the eligibility criteria for the financial support. The obtained information will also result in a list of grassroots CSOs with their basic information, including their contact details so…
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