Call for expression of interest – Production of vizual campaign for the Project “GrassRoots Action Support-GRAS”

GRAS project is funded by the European Commission through its programme for the Civil Society Facility for Western Balkans 2016-2017. It supports grassroots organizations to increase their role in the democratic environment through their monitoring and participation in policy development and decision-making processes. The project will offer financial and non-financial support when assisting grassroots CSOs in their efforts to better represent the interest of the communities in their respective environment.

The objective of the service

The objective of this service is the design of a visual campaign and 30 short videos using a successful example of grassroots organizations in a policy process to raise awareness about the added value of CSOs in engaging in this process.

Capacities Required

The following are the key minimum capabilities required for the proper execution of the above scope of work:

  • Has the necessary qualified human and technical resources capable of completing the assignment within the given time limit with high professionalism.
  • Capacities to develop high-quality video materials and visual campaign
  • Proven experience in working with the Civil Society Sector and Donors, preferably the European Commission
  • Creativity in carrying out and developing the required activities
  • Provide transportation for filming team and equipment to various locations within Kosovo based on the needs of the project.


Interested applicants/companies must write to with the request for ToR and other application documents.

Applications must be submitted before 19 of February 2020, until 17:00.